Zebras and camels rescued from trailer fire in Indiana


Truck with zebras, camels catches fire on highway

Truck carrying zebras, camels catches fire on Indiana highway


Several camels and zebras were rescued from a trailer fire in Indiana’s Marion County early Saturday morning, police said. 

The animals were being transported by a trailer that caught fire on Interstate 69. According to CBS affiliate WTTV, the fire started around 2 a.m. local time.

It’s not clear how the fire started, but the Grant County Sheriff’s Office told CBS News that the animals survived and were not injured. Police did not share any information about the driver of the trailer.  

Rescued zebras in Indiana.

Grant County Sheriff’s Office

“Not only did our first responders rescue them swiftly, but they also went above and beyond to keep the animals calm. True compassion in action!” the sheriff’s office told CBS News. Officials also recounted the incident on Facebook. 

Photos shared by the sheriff’s office show officials with the animals. In one image, an officer appears to be posing with some of the camels rescued. 

Police stand with camels rescued from a trailer fire. 

Grant County Sheriff’s Office

In one video, the camels can be seen walking along the highway in the dark. Zebras could be seen grazing on the grass along the interstate. 

Another photo shows first responders working to extinguish the blazing trailer. 

Officials work to extinguish a blazing trailer in Indiana.

Grant County Sheriff’s Office

Police did not say how many animals were rescued. 

It’s not clear where the trailer was traveling to, and police did not say where the animals were taken after the rescue and fire. 

The interstate was briefly closed to allow for the rescue but has now reopened, the Grant County Sheriff’s Office said. 



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