Dream Chaser Space Plane Prepares for First Flight to ISS

[ad_1] The fictional Farscape-1 was an experimental winged spacecraft piloted by John Crichton in the sci-fi series Farscape. It was designed to use Earth’s gravitational influence to slingshot itself into space at incredible speeds. Unfortunately for Crichton (but fortunately for the viewers at home), he made a wrong turn somewhere and fell into a wormhole…

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Ashley White died patrolling alongside Special Forces in Afghanistan. The U.S. Army veteran was a pioneer for women soldiers.

[ad_1] Ashley White received her earliest combat action badge from the United States Army soon after the first lieutenant arrived in Afghanistan. The silver military award, recognizing soldiers who’ve been personally engaged by an attacker during conflict, was considered an achievement in and of itself as well as an affirming rite of passage for the…

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Best Memorial Day TV deals at Target

[ad_1] Target Memorial Day weekend is here, and so are the Memorial Day discounts on big-ticket items like TVs. Whether you’re ready to spend top-dollar on a cutting-edge TV, or you’re on a tighter budget and want a great TV that offers really good value for less money, take advantage of the deals being offered during…

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