These FLIR cameras spot energy leaks in your house, and they’re on sale for up to half off


Does your home have an energy leak? That could be costing you a fortune in energy bills this winter.

Amazon has slashed the price on handheld thermal imaging cameras that can through walls, ceilings or floors, allowing you to discover areas where your home is losing energy. Each device has a high resolution, full color display that allows you to quickly detect hot or cold spots. These cameras are lightweight, water and drop resistant. All use idiot-proof, focus-free lenses.

Even if you’re not worried about energy costs, these professional-grade cameras work hard for your money; use them for everything from home inspections, or ferreting out roofing issues or building defects. And you can easily spot moisture damage and electrical problems. These devices are great for DIY home repairs or for diagnosing problems before calling in experts.

Each of the units can record images that can be transferred to a computer or mobile device for analysis or storage. Battery life is up to four hours per charge. Some models have an integrated touchscreen. 

These are limited-time deals, so don’t wait to take advantage of the savings. With proper use, you could wind up saving hundreds or thousands of dollars on your utility bills or home repairs.

Teledyne FLIR thermal camera models currently on sale include:


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