The Griffins Women’s Basketball Team Set to Face Winnipeg Wesmen in Exciting Canada West Matchup

The Griffins women’s basketball team is set to face the Winnipeg Wesmen’s gym, with both teams characterized as young, hungry groups finding their way in the tough Canada West ranks.

Why It Matters

Both MacEwan and Winnipeg are currently sitting outside the playoff picture, emphasizing the significance of their upcoming games as they strive to secure a spot. Additionally, the focus on building something for the future highlights the long-term impact of these games on team development.

State of Play

  • Both MacEwan (1-13) and Winnipeg (3-11) are outside the playoff picture, but still in contention.
  • The teams will meet on Friday (5 p.m. MT) and Saturday (6 p.m. MT, both Canada West TV).

What’s Next

The team is focusing on improving their shooting percentage, with an emphasis on being more assertive in capitalizing on scoring opportunities.


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