Tee Higgins: Number One on PFF’s Wide Receiver Free Agency List

Wide receiver Tee Higgins is ranked at the top of PFF’s free agent list, with PFF noting his impressive performance and predicting a likely franchise tag from the Cincinnati Bengals.

Why It Matters

Higgins’ top ranking highlights his value in the upcoming free agency and signals the Bengals’ potential strategy to retain him with a franchise tag, showcasing the significance of this assessment on the team’s offseason plans.

By the Numbers

  • Tee Higgins ranks number one in PFF’s wide receiver free agency list
  • Higgins had two consecutive 1,000-yard seasons in 2022 and a receiving grade above 75.0

State of Play

  • Offseason has commenced for the Bengals after their season ended
  • The Bengals have the option to franchise tag Higgins
  • Higgins’ performance and potential future impact on the Bengals are being closely watched

Bottom Line

Tee Higgins’ top ranking as a free agent highlights the Bengals’ strategic decisions for the offseason and the importance of securing key players for the team’s future success.


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