New Chargers Coach: Jim Harbaugh Takes NFL Job


Jim Harbaugh has taken an NFL job with the Chargers, leaving Michigan in a highly successful and well-timed manner. The move was long expected, grounding shaking and places Harbaugh with a formidable quarterback. Meanwhile, the search for his replacement at Michigan is underway.

Why It Matters

The departure of Jim Harbaugh from Michigan to the NFL holds significant implications for both the college football landscape and the Chargers’ future. It sets the stage for a new era for both teams and has the potential to impact recruiting, team performance, and overall league dynamics.

The Big Picture

Harbaugh’s move from college to the NFL reflects a larger trend of successful college coaches transitioning to the professional ranks, shaping the dynamics of both leagues. It also underscores the ongoing strategic importance of securing top coaching talent in the NFL.

By the Numbers

  • Michigan’s first consensus title since 1948
  • Five members of Canada’s 2018 world junior hockey team facing sexual assault charges

State of Play

  • Jim Harbaugh has left Michigan for an NFL job with the Chargers, triggering a search for his replacement
  • Hockey Canada’s 2018 world junior team scandal resurfaces with serious legal implications
  • Doc Rivers hired as the new head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks
  • Defensive coordinators Vic Fangio and Joe Barry on the move in the NFL
  • Updates on Australian Open, NHL team requests, and WNBA player movements
  • Potential era-defining matchup between Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson

What’s Next

With Harbaugh’s departure, the focus will turn to the impact of his absence on Michigan’s recruiting, team performance, and coaching staff dynamics. In addition, the ongoing legal implications of the Hockey Canada scandal are likely to unfold, with potential consequences for the individuals involved and the organization as a whole.

Bottom Line

Jim Harbaugh’s move to the NFL and the resurfacing of the Hockey Canada scandal reflect seismic shifts in both college and professional sports, with far-reaching implications for the teams, leagues, and individuals involved.



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