NBA’s Josh Giddey will not faces charges for alleged relationship with minor


Police in Orange County have stopped their months-long investigation into NBA player Josh Giddey after they could not corroborate claims that he had an inappropriate relationship with a teenage girl. 

Police began their investigation into Giddey, a 21-year-old guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder, after someone anonymously posted photos of Giddey with an unknown female on social media in November 2023. Those posts have since been deleted. 

After nearly two months, detectives could not find any corroborating evidence proving Giddey had an inappropriate relationship with a minor.

The NBA is also looking into the matter, as Commissioner Adam Silver told The Athletic in December. He said that they would hold off on determining if punishment was necessary until NBPD was able to complete their investigation. 

“Where there is a criminal investigation, we take a back seat,” Silver said at the time. “So you have an allegation, you have an ongoing criminal investigation. That impacts how the players and the Player’s Association can work with us because of course the player needs to protect his rights. I’m not going to say never ever, but this is the path we have consistently followed … that’s where things currently stand.”



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