Man arrested for running onto LAX airfield

Police arrest man that ran onto LAX runway

Police arrest man that ran onto LAX runway


Police arrested a man after he ran onto the LAX airfield Wednesday night.

It happened at about 8:10 p.m. when people spotted the man running between Tom Bradley and West Gates Terminal. Authorities said the man walked through one of the security doors at the West Bradly Terminals. 

Officers followed the man out of the security gate as he made his way to the tarmac and arrested him shortly after. The victim sustained minor injuries during the arrest. 

Authorities believe he was under the influence of a substance. The man was taken to a nearby hospital and will be booked for trespassing once he is discharged.

LAX police on the airfield after arresting the man.

Airline Videos Live

The person who operates Airline Videos Live said the man was taken into an ambulance. The incident did not impact airport operations.


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