Colorado Football Program Reports 11 Minor NCAA Violations Under Coach Deion Sanders

The Colorado football program has self-reported 11 minor NCAA violations since the hiring of head coach Deion Sanders in December of 2022. These violations included a range of issues such as transfer portal violations, social media infractions, “gameday simulations” with recruits, and improper staff conduct. The program took various self-imposed penalties and rules education measures in response.

Why It Matters

The self-reported violations underscore the program’s commitment to NCAA compliance and the effectiveness of its established systems. They also highlight the challenges and scrutiny faced by major college athletic departments in adhering to NCAA regulations.

By the Numbers

  • 11 minor NCAA violations self-reported by the Colorado football program
  • 5 minor violations from other CU teams, as reported by USA Today
  • More than 350 players participated in the postgraduate camp, leading to a transfer portal violation
  • 7 recruits deemed permanently ineligible at CU due to the transfer portal violation

State of Play

  • CU’s commitment to complying with NCAA regulations and educating its coaches, student-athletes, and staff
  • Self-imposed penalties and rules education measures taken in response to the violations
  • Challenges and scrutiny faced by major college athletic departments in adhering to NCAA regulations

What’s Next

It’s essential for the Colorado football program to continue prioritizing NCAA compliance and implementing effective systems to prevent future violations. The ongoing scrutiny underscores the need for sustained vigilance and education within the program.

Bottom Line

The self-reported minor NCAA violations by the Colorado football program emphasize the critical importance of maintaining rigorous compliance, education, and oversight within major college athletic departments to uphold NCAA regulations.


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