Melinda French Gates hints at presidential endorsement, urges women to vote in upcoming election


Philanthropist Melinda French Gates is encouraging women to make their voices heard at the polls, underscoring the importance of turnout in determining the 2024 presidential election’s outcome. 

“Women turned out in the mid-term elections and said, ‘This is enough.’ And we’ve gotta do it again,” French Gates told “CBS Mornings” co-host Gayle King in an exclusive interview airing on Tuesday, June 18. 

 When asked if she plans to campaign or endorse a particular candidate, French Gates confirmed, “More than likely, yes.” 

French Gates said that she has voted for both Republican and Democratic candidates in the past, but she said she can’t support a candidate who she says undermines women’s reproductive rights and speaks offensively about women. 

“I absolutely am not voting for Trump, and I will vote for Biden,” said French Gates.

Watch more of “CBS Mornings” co-anchor Gayle King’s interview with Melinda French Gates on Tuesday, June 18, where she talks about her decision to leave the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which she helped to co-found, her $1 billion investment in women’s rights, and her increased political giving for societal change in the U.S.



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